Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund 2021 Annual Report
The Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund prioritized investments that strengthen the innovation ecosystem and support local entrepreneurs. The Board of Directors approved a greater focus on investments that make Calgary a destination of choice for innovators and entrepreneurs and grow more local companies across their life cycle.
Calgary Labour Force Survey Results - April 2022
A look at Calgary region's labour force statistics from the previous month.
Calgary Labour Force Survey Results - June 2022
The unemployment rate in the Calgary Region decreased over one percentage point to 5.5 per cent in June.
The State of Calgary's Innovation Ecosystem
As we embrace technology and innovative thinking to create solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges in energy, agribusiness, transportation, life sciences/health, and social services, Calgary’s growing innovation ecosystem will play a critical role.
Calgary Labour Force Survey Results - August 2022
The unemployment rate in the Calgary Region fell below the 5.0 per cent threshold to 4.9 per cent. The last time Calgary’s unemployment rate was under 5.0 per cent was in 2014 and it surged to 15.4 per cent in June 2020 at the peak of COVID-19 shutdown.
Global Innovation Ecosystems Review
This report provides a jurisdictional review and trajectory analysis of leading innovation ecosystems. It provides examples and insights from leading regions, including Austin, Texas; Greater Helsinki, Finland; Tel-Aviv, Israel; Toronto-Waterloo and Montreal, on how Calgary can strengthen its innovation ecosystem to unlock opportunities for more sustainable growth.

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