Alberta is home to Canada’s largest and only province-wide, fully integrated healthcare system, serving a diverse population of nearly 4.6 million patients. This unified system allows for streamlined access to high quality, robust patient data. Precipitated by emerging local companies and highly skilled talent, investors have an opportunity to be part of this dynamic and growing sector developing products and services for world markets.

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Driven to create the future of health

Calgary is home to world-class research and treatment facilities.  

Alberta Health Services programs and services are offered at more than 900 facilities throughout the province, including hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, cancer centres, mental health facilities and community health sites. 

The University of Calgary is a top 5 research university in Canada for sponsored research funding and is leading innovation in precision oncology, precision diagnostics, biomedical engineering, microbiome and neuroscience.   

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Calgary's life sciences ecosystem

Learn how our unique strengths are positioning Calgary at the forefront of a thriving life sciences ecosystem.

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Investing in digital transformation

Digital transformation (DX) spend in Alberta’s life sciences and health sector is projected to be $1.3 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual rate of over 12% per year. For example, Alberta Health Services’ $459 Million investment into the Connect Care Clinical Information System (CIS) unites date from over 1,300 different systems at over 400 facilities in the province. See how life sciences is leading digital transformation on our DX spend dashboard.

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Calgary is an opportunity-rich city.

Our interactive investment map highlights the foreign direct investment (FDI) that has taken place in the Calgary area over the past 6 years.

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Alberta’s global metabolomics leadership, business culture, and consolidated healthcare delivery offer an unprecedented opportunity to support a vibrant precision diagnostic industry. Alberta has distinct advantages including a single health authority and the largest fully integrated health system in Canada. Strategic clinical networks to drive innovation and its implementation across the health system, advanced and comprehensive health information systems and database assets and world-leading clinical, methodological and analytic expertise.

Digital health & medical devices

Calgary’s industry presence of companies developing digital health, health IT, and medical devices is strong with companies in these two categories representing over 60% of the number of organizations in the Calgary life sciences ecosystem. With the demand higher than ever for efficient delivery of healthcare services, Calgary is well positioned to seize the emerging opportunities in the global healthcare industry.


Calgary is already a global leader in research and the treatment of cancer. The new Calgary Cancer Centre, set to open in 2023, will increase capacity and add to Calgary’s already leading role in cancer services.

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