Calgary-based PurposeMed creates virtual solutions for equity in health care

January 11, 2024
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In Calgary, companies are using innovative solutions to create the future of health care. PurposeMed, a health technology company, is on a mission to make health care accessible regardless of where you live or who you love. 

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Husein Moloo, Pete MacLeod, Amaan Banwait and later, Dr. Caley Shukalek, PurposeMed brings specialized health care to underserved communities. 

Calgary’s growing tech ecosystem delivered an advantage when it came time to raise funds and recruit highly skilled talent. In 2022, the city became the second most concentrated tech talent market in North America for individuals in their thirties. 

“We’re seeing the city grow as a tech hub, and when paired with the research happening at institutions like the U of C – a top research university in Canada – we’re starting to see a beautiful marriage of tech and health sciences in Calgary,” said Dr. Caley Shukalek, Chief Medical Officer at PurposeMed. 

The digital transformation spend in Alberta’s life sciences and health sector is projected to be $1.3 billion from 2021 to 2024, with $428 million invested directly in Calgary. 

PurposeMed now offers services across Canada, and as of 2023, their team has grown to more than 150 clinicians, care coordinators, engineers and designers.

When you have a good idea, Calgary has your back 

Calgary’s future-focused approach to doing business is driven by its economic strategy, Calgary In the New Economy, which brings government, business and community organizations together to ensure everyone can build a meaningful life in the city. This vision for an inclusive city aligns with PurposeMed’s vision for inclusive health care. 

“In Calgary, you get more avenues and opportunities to share your story. The community is close enough that unique chances present themselves more often, compared to a larger city where you might get lost in the shuffle” shared Dr. Shukalek. 

PurposeMed launched three key services in 2023: Freddie, Frida and Foria. Freddie is now the largest HIV prevention service in Canada. Echoing the success of Freddie, the platform for timely ADHD diagnosis and care, Frida, has grown to deliver clinically significant health outcomes to 15,000 patients. 

Gathering local funding to scale, the company received seed funding from the University of Calgary and, in 2022, won the ATB ESG Impact Award and became C100 Fellows. 

A thriving tech and innovation ecosystem has made it easier for PurposeMed to identify gaps and create solutions for patients of all backgrounds. 

 “We just launched our next vertical, Foria, which provides gender affirming care for trans and non-binary folks. And we are not done in terms of delivering solutions to complex health issues for underserved communities,” stated Dr. Shukalek.  

In 2023, PurposeMed’s exponential growth was recognized by Deloitte, placing second on its list of Companies-to-Watch in the annual Technology Fast 50 list. 

“In the next few years, we’ll scale our current services and explore new services to support the emerging needs of our community,” said Dr. Shukalek.  

 To learn more about PurposeMed’s presence in Calgary and Calgary’s innovation ecosystem, visit Live Tech, Love Life. 

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