Welcoming Week 2022: Celebrating an inclusive Calgary

September 9, 2022
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Calgary is one of Canada’s youngest and third-most culturally diverse cities, with over 120 languages spoken in the community. With a globally respected ranking as the third most livable city in the world, and first in North America, limitless opportunities attract bright minds with big ideas from around the world.

As part of the Immigration Matters campaign from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Welcoming Week 2022 is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the people, places and values of the Calgary community.

“Calgary is very welcoming,” said Jaya Dharan, community outreach and office manager at Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council. “As new immigrants just off the plane, we meet with immigration officers. As we entered the room, one officer stood up and said, ‘welcome home’. Since that first moment, we have only felt love and support in Calgary.”

Creating a welcome, inclusive community for all is a priority outlined in the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy.

“Come, adapt and embrace this beautiful place and you can't imagine what it has to offer back to you,” said Sandeep Banerjee, a business analyst who immigrated to Calgary in 2014.

“We chose to move to Canada for a better future for our daughter. Besides Calgary being a world-class city, it offers a perfect work-life balance, great quality of life and a wonderful and safe place to raise your kids.”

Welcoming communities invite newcomers to feel at home and contribute locally. To further enrich Calgary’s community and economy, an intentional path towards a city that is inclusive and accessible is essential.

Shivi Agarwal was the first person in her family to migrate overseas. Now working in Calgary as a customer success manager with Kudos, she dreamt about creating a meaningful and happy life in Canada.

“Calgary is one of the safest places and features affordable housing, high living standards and a diverse population,” she said.

Calgary has great schools and a blooming tech sector. The city also has the most inclusive and collaborative community environment. It is no surprise that Calgary is one of the world's most livable cities and it is because of the people here.”

With $427M of venture capital invested in the first fiscal half of 2022, both talent and businesses are drawn to the momentum growing in Calgary and the city’s signature entrepreneurial spirit.

Samuel Ediale, a technology consultant that moved to Calgary three years ago, was drawn to the opportunity-rich environment. “Some of the attractions to Calgary for us were the family-friendly nature of the city, the below-average cost of living as well as the economic opportunities.”

A connected community in more ways than one, Calgary boasts abundant lifestyle advantages like its proximity to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Coupled with numerous career opportunities in a variety of industries, you can have a fulfilling life in Calgary.

“Calgary has something to offer everyone. Diversification in the economy is happening,” said Anurag Singh, a regulatory analyst with the Alberta Securities Commission who moved to Calgary four and a half years ago.

“People in Calgary are helpful, polite and courteous. The neighbourhoods are welcoming and diverse. Calgary is a comfortable city to raise a young family.”

Inclusive communities where everyone is welcome, safe and able to build a meaningful life forms the foundation of Calgary’s vision to be the best place to build a life. 

“It is a city with a small-town feeling. Communities are closer, people are friendly. It is so welcoming,” said Murali Dharan, a self-employed business development consultant that has been living in Calgary since 2011.

In addition to an affordable cost of living and a vibrant culinary, arts and culture scene, Calgary is building vibrant and connected communities where people of all backgrounds are welcome.   

“This city loves you back” said Rahul Singh, who moved to Calgary in 2019.

“If someone is considering moving to Calgary, I would say... if you can embrace this city, if you are ready to learn, ready to mingle and appreciate its climatic uniqueness, this place will embrace your dreams.”

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