The City of Calgary's economic strategy

Calgary's Economic Strategy, Calgary in the New Economy, was created to achieve our ambitious vision for our great city.

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A strategy built by the community for the community, we're always looking for your input in how we continue to evolve the strategy as the right path forward for our city in the digital economy. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey below. We'd love to hear from you. Visit our FAQ page for questions.

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A community created and driven strategy

Calgary in the New Economy, our community’s economic strategy, is our city’s guide to foster economic competitiveness, create shared prosperity and build a resilient Calgary. Community organizations and institutions, municipal departments, post-secondary institutions, our innovation ecosystem partners, small, medium, and large enterprises, and business support organizations collaborate to drive the implementation of Calgary in the New Economy. We cannot do this alone. This is the ultimate exercise in teamwork.

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Our city’s economic vision

Calgary is the city of choice for the world’s best entrepreneurs.

We embrace technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges: cleaner energy, safe and secure food, efficient movement of goods and people, and better health solutions. The economic strategy built by our community for our community proved to be the right strategy in 2020 among a fast-changing economy and digital transformation.  

2020 Update

Strategic areas of focus

Our city’s economic strategy is built on four areas of focus, that, working together will drive economic growth and prosperity. 


  • Talent

    Canada's destination for talent

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  • Innovation

    Canada’s leading B2B innovation community

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  • Place

    Canada's most liveable city, 2009-2019

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  • Business Environment

    Canada’s most business-friendly city

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