New investors flock to Calgary’s Flahmingo app

April 21, 2022
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Flahmingo Team 1920

Flahmingo Team

Headquartered in Calgary, Fintech startup Flahmingo is driven by a mission to make investing accessible for everyone. Its commission-free fractional investment application allows users to invest as little as one dollar in more than 2,200 different stocks. 

“We want investors to really feel empowered and we are proud to help create the next generation of smart investors truly feel good about their investments,” said Taran Singh Kainth, co-founder and CEO, Flahmingo. 

With more than 5,000 early supporters and $1.88 million in pre-seed funding, Flahmingo hopes to be a catalyst for Canadians to improve their financial literacy and invest for the first time. After the app goes public in 2022, Flahmingo plans to launch a gamified version focused on education. 

“Investing education lowers the bar for novices and gives them a taste of what it takes to be a successful investor,” said Kainth. “Our goal is to build a better financial ecosystem.” 

As an entrepreneurial hotbed, the choice to headquarter Flahmingo in Calgary was an obvious choice for Kainth. The city is one of Canada’s four largest financial centres and offers focused expertise and resources for fintech startups. 

“There are so many people here that are passionate about the growth and vibrancy of Calgary. I think Calgary has the smartest people in Canada,” said Kainth. “It’s allowed us to build capacity when we can collide and connect with other entrepreneurs. There are a lot of real champions for this city here.” 

Growth in diverse sectors, including the financial services, is identified as a priority in the city as outlined in the economic strategy Calgary in the New Economy. New companies like Flahmingo are signs of the growth and momentum in the city’s innovation ecosystem as a place where bright minds and big ideas help solve global challenges. 

“We’re growing our company and our team,” said Kainth. "We’re looking for that go-getter mindset to come work with us. We look for those whose goal is to add value in everything they do.” 

 For the full story on Flahmingo and opportunities at innovative Calgary companies, visit  Live Tech, Love Life. Check out the tech ecosystem page for local careers across dynamic industry sectors. 

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