Interface Fluidics: Calgary tech for faster data and lower emissions

October 13, 2022
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Calgary-based tech firm Interface Fluidics helps energy companies reduce their carbon footprint with faster access to data that makes a difference. An example of homegrown innovation that solves global challenges, its SapphireLab platform is the world’s first microfluidic system that simplifies data collection in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. 

“We’re a global leader in making extreme condition fluid analysis truly accessible for the global energy industry. That means making the process fast, inexpensive and accurate,” said Stuart Kinnear, CEO, Interface Fluidics. 

Lowering emissions is a key component of Interface Fluidics’ mission, with a proven principle that smarter testing leads to cleaner decisions. To scale its solution, Interface Fluidics participated in one of the top business accelerator programs in the city, Creative Destruction Lab-Rockies (CDL-Rockies). 

Based out of the University of Calgary, CDL-Rockies received funding from the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, to help accelerate the creation and growth of local tech companies, a priority in the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy. The accelerator connected Interface Fluidics with resources to expedite commercialization of their compact fluid analysis system.  

“CDL-Rockies exposed us to local investors and local ways of thinking,” said Stuart Kinnear, CEO, Interface Fluidics. “There’s a vibrant community of diverse founders thinking about diverse problems in Calgary – the community has world-class companies and world-class people.” 

Calgary companies like Interface Fluidics are helping Alberta reach the $61 billion net-zero opportunity identified in the Alberta Energy Transition Study. The study also forecasts the potential of up to 170,000 new cleantech jobs created in the province by 2050. 

“In the next few years, we aim to take our hypercomplex technology and turn it into this industry’s version of a smartphone – a single technology platform on which all of our measurements run,” said Kinnear.  

As the company expands to serve international markets and add services to help companies transition to net-zero, the team is growing to meet demand. 

“We value people that can work in a complex, ever-changing environment and have the ability to think in the long term. There’s opportunities for employees in any field here,” said Kinnear. 

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