Capgemini builds sustainable digital solutions from Calgary

December 15, 2023
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Resized Calgary team members get into the spirit of Capgeminis annual day of service

Calgary is rapidly emerging as a global destination for entrepreneurs and technology companies. Multinational firms like Capgemini are establishing a strong presence in the city and leading with  personalized digital transformation solutions in key technologies such as cloud computing, data and artificial intelligence (AI).  

The global company gathers data and translates it into informed decisions to enhance the business of its clients, primarily in Calgary’s energy sector.  

“With our experience in developing sustainable and innovation solutions for companies in global markets, we’re in a position to offer unique, intelligent solutions for Canadian clients from Calgary,” said Luke O’Regan, Vice President of Western Canadian operations at Capgemini. 

With Calgary taking a leading role in the global energy transition,  companies in the city’s energy industry are embracing innovative technologies to improve operations and cut emissions.  

This creates a market for Capgemini to thrive.  

The company is one of the Calgary businesses expected to lead Alberta’s $20 billion digital transformation spend by the end of 2024. Capgemini’s work in the digital transformation spaceis one example of companies leveraging innovation to solve global challenges, a priority in the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy. 

Companies in Calgary are open to innovation and improvement every Calgarian has a mentality where they want to get things done, with real results,” said O’Regan. “The city has a perfect environment to cultivate innovation, and it’s a huge reason for our success.” 

 In 2021, Capgemini joined over 100 global companies who have chosen to situate their Western Canadian hub in the city. Since then, the team has expanded to over 150 professionals serving clients in Alberta and other regions. 

“After looking at the size and scale of global companies in Calgary, we didn’t have to think too hard – it was the obvious choice,” said O’Regan. 

As it remains laser-focused on delivering cutting-edge technology services to clients in the future, Capgemini relies on the strength of Calgary’s tech ecosystem. 

“The Toronto office was hearing all about Calgary’s tech community, and knew Calgary would be a good ecosystem to collaborate in, and serve our clients,” shared O’Regan. “Now, we’re seeing that for ourselves first-hand.” 

In addition to collaborating with local companies to deliver services outside its scope, Capgemini also benefits from Calgary’s pipeline of tech talent. 

“It may sound cliche, but it’s absolutely true. There's a profoundly entrepreneurial spirit that differentiates Calgary’s workforce.” 

For the full story on Capgemini’s presence in Calgary and to learn about Calgary innovation ecosystem, visit Live Tech, Love Life.

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