Birchcliff Energy: Leveraging tech for a reduced footprint

August 11, 2022
Team Calgary Energy & Environment Technology
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Calgary-based Birchcliff Energy embraces technology and data-driven decisions to ensure safe and efficient operations, while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.  

 “Tech plays an integral part in the oil and gas industry and is prevalent in every facet of our business,” said Jesse Doenz, Controller and Investor Relations Manager, Birchcliff Energy. 

 Birchcliff is one of the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters in the Canadian energy industry, with levels approximately 44 per cent lower than its peer groups. These metrics are a result of a commitment to lower GHG emissions, ongoing carbon sequestration activities and a focus on integrating technology to spur innovation in energy production. 

 “The nature of the oil and gas industry drives innovation. We always want to be more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable – and we do this through technology,” said Chris Carlsen, President and Chief Operating Officer, Birchcliff Energy. 

 Leveraging data analytics, Birchcliff’s team makes informed decisions to reduce their environmental footprint.  

 “The more informed we are, the more precise we can be – which leads to the best possible performance out of a given well with the smallest amount of environmental impact,” said Carlsen. 

 Beyond environmental stewardship, Birchcliff is a long-time leader in Calgary’s cleantech ecosystem, funding innovative projects and supporting job creation, a priority in the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy. 

 The company is an active participant and investor in the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF), an investment model focused on cleantech innovation in the natural gas value chain. To date, the fund has supported 230 cleantech jobs through active projects and will reduce seven metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2030. 

 “NGIF is an excellent example of the collaborative nature of Calgarians and the energy sector,” said Doenz. 

 Recently named one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers in 2021, both Carlsen and Doenz speak to the collaborative culture and community-mindedness of their team.  

 With plans to actively lower emissions, invest in reclamation activities and community programming, Birchcliff Energy is on a path towards solving a global challenge – the path to net-zero – through the adoption of transformative technologies. 

The global energy transition is projected to become a $61 billion opportunity for the region by 2050, as outlined in the Alberta Energy Transition Study. 


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