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Jan 30 2019 - 7:30pm until
Mar 6 2019 - 9:00pm


West Hillhurst Community Association 1940 - 6 Ave NW, Calgary AB, Upper Studio A

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Carrie Tuttle

Resolution: YOU!

This isn’t just any ‘New Year’s Resolution’. This is Resolution: YOU!
This is a decision to put yourself first! A conscious choice to start going after what you want. After giving all your energy away to help other people chase their dreams, it’s your turn. Putting you first fuels your fire and allows you to be a better version of yourself, and therefore, a better partner, mother, sister, daughter, boss, employee, caregiver… You have dreams too! What if you could start making those dreams a reality in 2019?

It is YOUR time. It’s time for Resolution: YOU!

Resolution: YOU is a program that locks in your resolve of why your goal is important, whether it is professional or personal. Then, we progress through a framework to get things done in your life. We will work on changing your mindset to sustain achievement of your goals. By developing your emotional intelligence and specifically identifying how you can take steps forward toward the dreams you set out for yourself, you will have a toolkit to accomplish anything!

This is not a one-and-done type workshop. This is a series of 6 sessions to allow you to integrate the information you learn and each topic builds upon the previous ones.

I’ve been there! After years of putting bosses, my partner, my son and everyone else ahead of my dreams, I finally started putting myself higher on the priority list. I tried a lot of strategies, but over many years of study and testing, have learned the elements that are needed to truly face your fears and self-doubt to actually step into making your dreams come true.

Having the right building blocks in place is critical to succeeding:
- Mindset, vision and goal setting - Understanding your “Why” is part of what will continue to propel you forward in the face of setbacks. We will work through an exercise to clearly define why your goal is important to you and where you need to go next. Finally, how will you know when you have achieved what you were hoping for.
- Emotional Intelligence - Learn how to communicate your feelings intelligently, as well as how the prime six emotions get in your way and keep you stuck where you are now. After doing this work, you will know how to get unstuck and you will have better emotional acuity to recognize it in others.
- Learn to manage and control your inner critics - Most of us have several inner critics! You will understand what has been sabotaging your efforts and how to manage those critics now and in the future.
- Designing your environment - You will learn how to create the support people and systems for you to succeed. The ingredients are different for everyone, so you will create your perfect recipe. Part of it will be the support of the other amazing people in the room!
- Keeping up the momentum - What are your intrinsic motivators that will move you to action and keep you working on your goals? It’s important that we build our action plan in a way that we will actually be motivated to follow through on. For example, how many times have you agreed journalling or running would be good for you and help you achieve your goal, but knowing you hate it, you never follow through. Of course not! When you understand how you are motivated, you build your plan to support what you are naturally good at and most inclined to do and will lead to success.
- Cultivating success through celebration - By the end of the workshop, we will have a clear path toward success and know how to recognize whether you’re achieving your dreams or not. Celebration in a way that is meaningful is the key to cultivating and repeating success!

When and where: Get started on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 7:30-9:00 pm for 6 weeks
West Hillhurst Community Association 1940 - 6 Ave NW, Calgary AB, 2nd Floor

Price: $299.  *Early bird offer:  2 for 1 tickets, if you book by December 31, 2018. Bring a friend and you both chase your dreams together! 

Limited space to keep the group small and promote more participation and coaching.

FREE BONUSES valued at $350:
For all attendees of this workshop, I will share my downloadable “Relaxation Meditation for people who don’t Meditate!”
Receive a 1 hour phone coaching session one-on-one with Carrie
Templates and worksheets I use to flesh out all the elements and create a workable plan
Access to my webinar “Why Celebration Mindset” FREE for all participants.

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