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Jun 3 2019 - 12:00am until
Jun 5 2019 - 12:00am


Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

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Jan Steenlaan

Plant Based Foods Summit 2019

Shifting Consumer Behaviour: Where is the Opportunity?
The 13th Plant-Based Food Summit will focus on:

New Consumer Trends
New Retail & Food Service Opportunities
New Category & Brands Innovations
The demand for plant-based foods is increasing and there are many opportunities for retailers, food service operators, and brands to serve the consumer better and more inspiring foods. Consumers are also seeking more healthy and sustainable diets and they are increasing their plant-based food intake. What is driving consumers? How relevant is the climate when shopping for food? What are the nutritional characteristics? Is this a relevant trend? What does Generation X think about plant-based or vegan? How can retailers and food service channels capitalize on the trend of plant-based? Where are we now and what does the future look like? What are the do’s and don’ts to build the category with brands? What can North America learn from Europe? Innovation is booming. New brands and categories are popping up in the existing outlets, but also in new ones. Who will lead the market in 2 years time? How do investors perceive the plant-based opportunity and brands active in this space?This unique Summit will enable brands to validate their strategies and develop new opportunities with key partners, retailers, and food service channels.

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