Theatre Calgary offers $39 tickets for season

September 26, 2023
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Maya Choldin, foreground, the executive director with Theatre Calgary, and artistic director Stafford Arima in the Max Bell Theatre, where Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap will be staged until Oct. 8.

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Theatre Calgary wants to make it easier on Calgarians’ pocketbooks to enjoy live theatre this season.

Calgary’s best-known theatre company recently launched a new initiative to reduce ticket prices.

“We’ve always served the entire community in the 55 years of our existence, but we recognize that across North America there has been a slow return to live theatre post-COVID,” says Maya Choldin, Theatre Calgary’s executive director. “So, with the support of generous donors, we launched a ticket initiative to remove financial barriers.”

Tickets for more than half the seats for its seven productions this season are now $39, part of a two-pronged approach to bring former patrons back and introduce live theatre to those who have never experienced it.

The other part, of course, is offering a lineup of plays “that are exciting, fun and will resonate with Calgarians,” she says.

Already running is The Mousetrap, by famed mystery writer Agatha Christie.

“This is the first time in Theatre Calgary’s history we produced an Agatha Christie play,” says Stafford Arima, artistic director at Theatre Calgary.

Christie’s most popular play will be followed by a one-person production entitled Made in Italy, by Alberta playwright Farren Timoteo.

“There’s song; there’s dance, and the play references a lot of iconic characters from music, television and movies that audiences will love,” Arima says. “It’s a surefire hit.”

The season also features the return of an audience favourite, the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol.

“This will be the first time in many years we bring back the full spectacle version of this play, with more than 50 cast and crew members,” says Arima, adding that the Theatre Calgary team has nicknamed this season’s lineup ‘the season of smiles’ because the plays are fun, uplifting distractions amid challenging times.

Indeed, audience members will be smiling too, Arima adds.

“Theatre is a unique, communal experience that is exciting and electric, and our aim is to make that experience more accessible than ever to Calgarians.”

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