Some of the best business opportunities in Canada are in Calgary

January 22, 2019
General Business Life in Calgary
calgary+newsroom+Some of the best business opportunities in Canada are in Calgary

We’re more than an oil and gas town

An increasingly diverse range of sectors and businesses exists in Calgary, and we are swiftly and steadfastly working towards a healthier, and more stable economy with the recent launch of the new Economic Strategy for Calgary. In addition to the 1,445 energy and 65 renewable energy businesses, there are thousands of companies across many  sectors:

  • 1,512 financial services
  • 1,614 manufacturing
  • 2,127 real estate
  • 4,742 transportation & logistics
  • 452 agribusiness
  • 4,420 creative industries
  • 274 film and television

How we’re creating opportunities

Of all the business opportunities in Canada, Calgary has many advantages. We are dedicated to fostering a desirable environment for employees and businesses. And we have already seen  great results within our initiatives. Research & development spending from life sciences companies in Calgary grew by 49% in health, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals in 2018, thanks in part to the new International Microbiome Centre at the University of Calgary. In late 2017, UK-based Temporis Developments––a renewable energy company that develops wind, solar, hydro and bio-energy projects––chose Calgary as the home of their first Canadian office. The City of Calgary created the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund to distribute $100 million to companies that are supporting catalytic innovation and growth in key sectors. As well, the Living Lab initiative allows companies to test and validate technologies on City-owned land and property.

A supportive startup community

It’s something Calgarians have known for a long time,  our city has a thriving startup ecosystem, and we are seeing many startups expand to the point they are now going global.  For one, we have a huge talent pool with easily transferable skills and a passion for doing great work.  There are a number of organizations––like Startup Calgary––that provide support for entrepreneurs across all industries. The startup ecosystem is seeing a major trend where tech seems to be the focus. A recent success story is Benevity, a software startup that has become a  global leader in online workplace giving, and continues to grow at an exceptional pace. In fact, the company has added over 100 new full-time positions to its workforce in the past year.

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