Skymatics puts roots down in Calgary

January 5, 2021
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newsroom+Skymatics puts roots down in Calgary

Skymatics, a world leader in geospatial data analytics and reporting, was born in Bermuda, but landed in Calgary for to the opportunities for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and agriculture. 

The company was formed in 2014, originally using drones for real estate media, industrial inspections, events, and more. The company’s founders soon turned to using the imagery provided by these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for such things as crop insurance – which is what led them to Calgary. The city offers less restrictive drone regulations than other American jurisdictions, along with a highly-skilled technical workforce and proximities to both farmers and insurers. 

Skymatics’ industry-leading automated crop damage mapping tool, SkyClaim, matches geospatial information with aerial imagery and artificial intelligence capabilities to create claim reports that quantify damage or loss in farmers’ fields. SkyClaim can identify and distinguish damage caused by flooding, fire, hail, wildlife, insects, frost, etc.—enabling farmers and insurers alike to navigate claims with increased accuracy, detail and cost efficiencies.

SkyClaim doesn’t require any special equipment and can be used with a personal or commercial drone. However, Skymatics does partner with TerrAvion, a California company that is the leading aerial imagery provider for the agricultural industry. The partnership allows growers to have their fields flown by manned aircraft with high-resolution cameras every week to monitor changes and potential areas of trouble, or to use SkyClaim in the event of a major damage event. This means farmers can have any crop damage quantified quickly, reducing the wait for an insurance adjustment, compensation, and recovery.

As for insurers, SkyClaim removes the problems of weather and unsafe conditions for adjusters and provides imagery throughout the season so that damage can be seen and responded to quickly. The digital reports generated by the SkyClaim service are detailed and precise, which allows both sides to clearly see what has happened and where.

To learn more about Skymatics and the SkyClaim technology, visit our Live Tech, Love Life website.  

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