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August 29, 2023
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Ian Constable is an astute student of coaching styles.

A longtime hockey player and amateur coach, the newly appointed Calgary office lead and Western Canada audit leader at RSM Canada notes that effective leadership, be it in sports or business, often hinges on two key qualities.

“More than anything, good leadership is about being relatable and genuine,” says Constable. “If you can relate to people in different ways, then they’re going to want to listen to you and work with you.”

It’s a simple but effective formula for leadership. But to work, it’s essential to be present and truly listening to understand the needs and challenges of clients and fellow colleagues.

“We live in a world where there are so many distractions,” Constable further explains. “If your attention is all over the place, like checking your phone while you’re talking to someone, people know you’re not attuned to their needs.”

Of course, the team at the Calgary office for RSM Canada — a leading global provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market — has his undivided attention.

That helps ensure Constable is doing all he can to help them serve RSM’s clients — be it from the private or public sector — to the best of their capacity.

“Our engagement teams are led by industry-focused experts, supported by those most skilled — regardless of where they are located — and offer innovative solutions to address our clients’ evolving needs,” Constable says. “But our success really boils down to understanding deeply what they’re telling us.”

This fundamental aspect of RSM’s culture is summed up in its promise: ‘The power of being understood.’

“When we genuinely understand our clients — the challenges they’re facing and desired outcomes — we can help them move forward with confidence,” he says. “That is the power of being understood.”

Constable adds that he strives to embody this credo in his leadership by being genuine, relatable and listening intently to clients and his team.

Yet, two other ingredients are important to success, Constable explains. Those are to work hard and be kind.

“That’s something I always tell my kids,” Constable says. “If you work hard at all costs, you will lose sight of how you are treating others, and if you’re kind, without the effort, you’re unlikely to succeed in pursuit of your goals.”

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