Request for Proposal: Talent Supply, Demand, and Gap Study

October 20, 2023
New Economy Strategy Talent
Request for Proposal Talent Study Calgary v2

Calgary Economic Development Ltd. (CED) invites qualified firms to submit a proposal for the Talent Supply, Demand, and Gap Study: A Comprehensive Talent Study for the Calgary Region. We are seeking a partner with deep workforce development knowledge and experience, and excellent analytical abilities that can help elucidate the strengths and gaps in our supply of talent relative to future demand. The selected proponent is expected to (i) provide insight on the current state of the regional talent pool, (ii) forecast the variety and volume of employment demanded by the region over the next five years, (iii) forecast skills demand over the next five years, (iv) conduct gap analyses which contrast current talent supply to current and future skills demand.

Through our experience positioning Calgary and region as a global destination for building a career and building a life, we have both initiated and engaged in many kinds of workforce programs, forums, events, and research. The recent unprecedented global shifts in jobs and the workplace have quickly transformed the skills required for individuals, companies, and economies to prosper. 

The Calgary Region is home to many companies/organizations with a good understanding of the kind of talent they need to ensure success as their sectors transform, and often look to partners like CED for resources on how this desired talent can be developed. In some cases, however, emerging sectors (and traditional sectors undergoing rapid digital transformation) demand talent whose specific skillsets are uncommon and/or not well-understood. Skills gaps or mismatches between our workforce and the jobs of the “New Economy” result in many jobs remaining unfilled, all while many individuals remain unemployed.

To support increased sector diversification, the talent needs of the region, and an environment that allows for the full, efficient, and equitable utilization of the labour force, it is critical that our region identifies and acknowledges our talent gaps and develops an understanding of their intricacies. This presents a significant opportunity to mobilize insights from available data, research, and business/community leaders towards developing a future-focused workforce.

Questions must be submitted via email on or before 17:00 MST, November 17th, 2023.

Proposals must be submitted via email on or before 17:00 MST, November 24th, 2023.

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