Request for Proposal: 2024 Calgary Region Agribusiness Study

February 6, 2024
Agribusiness New Economy Research & Reports Strategy

Calgary Economic Development Ltd. (CED) invites qualified firms to submit a proposal for the 2024 Calgary Region Agribusiness Study. We are seeking a partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the agribusiness sector, and superior analytical abilities that can help elucidate sector strengths and gaps relative to competitors and national and global markets.

This study will serve as a compass for CED and set the course for near term critical work to be leveraged by the organization and regional stakeholders in efforts to position the region as a leading choice for investment and growth. This work includes the development of sector and subsector strategies, action plans and campaigns. The selected proponent is expected to (i) analyze the region’s core and emerging subsectors and enablers in agribusiness, (ii) baseline our most promising subsectors against key competitors within the region’s strongest markets, (iii) explore relevance to other global innovation hubs that the region can learn from, (iv) make recommendations as to how CED can best support the existing ecosystem and future growth in the immediate, mid and long term.

CED works collaboratively with business, government, and community partners to position Calgary as the ideal location for business attraction, investment, and innovation. With direct access to a strong agricultural base, Calgary and Southern Alberta is a well-connected region that works collaboratively across geographic areas, industries, and research and training institutions. These assets contribute to the growth of a key priority sector for the province. In 2022, it was estimated that Alberta’s agri-food sector contributed $10.3 billion to GDP and employs over 69,000 people in the province. Given the vital role agribusiness plays in contributing to Alberta’s prosperity and global food security, CED seeks to ensure that the Calgary Region and Southern Alberta remain well positioned to support and strengthen industry and grow the region’s potential as an attractive location for business investment and expansion.

CED strives to promote sector development through targeted business attraction, active promotion of the region to global markets, and by supporting local expansion efforts. Sector studies and outlooks allow CED to critically evaluate sector competitiveness in the context of global economic shifts and market activities that may greatly impact the region. It is imperative that CED continues to build intelligence that will identify how we enable sector growth. This requires a collection of data, trends, market analyses, and foresight to best understand where the region demonstrates strengths and vulnerabilities. 


Questions must be submitted via email on or before 17:00 MST, February 23rd, 2024.

Proposals must be submitted via email on or before 09:00 MST, March 4th, 2024.

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