Plankk: Calgary fitness platform goes global

February 25, 2021
Digital Media & Entertainment Technology
newsroom+Plankk Calgary fitness platform goes global

Like many Calgary-based companies, Plankk has roots in the energy sector, but has grown into a global competitor in a different industry. With its digital fitness platform, it now helps brands and influencers bring training and nutrition guides to users in over 50 countries. 

“Plankk brings brands to life. We aren’t just a tech partner, we’re a content partner, a full-suite agency rolling out videos, social marketing, paid ads, graphic design and of course, apps,” said Colin Szopa, CEO and Co-Founder of Plankk.

As at-home workouts reach an all-time high, Plankk has launched more than 62 products, reaching a global audience of over 165 million people.

While 92 per cent of its revenues come from beyond Canada’s borders, it’s Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit, lifestyle and talent that keeps them rooted in the city.

“Good tech ecosystems depend on that entrepreneurial attitude, interest, creativity, and talent," said Szopa. "We want to stay in Calgary to be part of the changing energy here.”

To learn more about Plankk and other opportunities in Calgary’s digital technology sector, visit our Live Tech, Love Life page.

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