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May 28, 2024
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Nitin Sathawane is the head of Alberta Business at Mphasis, which opened its Canadian headquarters in Calgary in 2022. Mphasis, a global technology services company, specializes in cloud and cognitive services.

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Calgary has long been known as Canada’s energy capital, and the head of the Canadian division of one of India’s most successful technology companies says that energy extends beyond the city’s oil and gas reputation.

“What I really noticed about the city when I first arrived was a sense of positive energy overall,” says Nitin Sathawane, head of Alberta Business, Mphasis.

Mphasis is a global applied tech company, driving digital transformation for clients with design and architecture-led solutions, serving marquee clients across the globe with more than 32,500 employees.

The global firm set up its Canadian headquarters in Calgary in 2022 after forging strong partnerships with the provincial government, Calgary Economic Development and the University of Calgary.

“The whole idea behind coming to Calgary is to create a technology ecosystem in the city,” Sathawane says.

“And that really boils down to bringing all relevant parties together for research and commercialization of fast-emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.”

Those synergies are already underway, with Mphasis partnering with the University of Calgary on Quantum City, a multi-million-dollar initiative to transform Calgary into a quantum computing hub to accelerate talent development, drive innovation and the development of nascent technology that could help solve client’s business challenges from industries ranging from banking to financial services and supply chain.

Of course, Mphasis sees much more potential in Calgary and Canada. Notably, it aims to help businesses embrace the ongoing digital transformation that has accelerated with advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

“Mphasis is already a leading player in this area,” Sathawane adds, noting it works with top American banks and other global leaders across many industries.

The India-based company is leading the way in AI applications for business, particularly with its recently launched business unit, focused on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business outcomes, he notes.

With its considerable talent base, including in AI, Calgary was the ideal city for Mphasis to grow in Canada, Sathawane says.

“Overall, the people here make the difference,” he says. “There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”

Now recruiting talent, including a team of Salesforce-focused developers, Mphasis will only accelerate its deepening partnerships to drive Canada’s economy forward, Sathawane says.

“The journey has only just begun.”

This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Calgary Economic Development.

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