Mediology gives you five tips to reach your target audience

May 30, 2023
Leadership Team Calgary New Economy
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Gillian Lemishka is a digital supervisor with Mediology.

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If anyone can help get your message out the right way, it’s Mediology. 

A leading western Canadian advertising agency, including here in Calgary, it has helped businesses of all sizes hone messaging across multiple media, from TV to TikTok. 

“We help clients figure out how best to get their message to their intended audience,” says Gillian Lemishka, digital supervisor at Mediology. 

You don’t have to be a client to get some help — here are five tips to help get your message in front of your audience, courtesy of Mediology. 

Focus on the right data

Digital marketing’s upside is the amount of data it generates. “The challenge is that all that information might not always be valuable to your marketing needs,” Lemishka says. “Good digital market strategies do more than focus on banner ad clicks; they leverage the right data points to better understand the people you’re trying to reach.”

Then again, don’t be too focused

The temptation with digital marketing is getting too into the weeds of the data, trying to zero in on a sliver of the population. “But there is more value for many clients in having a broader message to their campaigns to reach a wider audience that often leads to more success,” she adds. 

Use the right media mix

Don’t put all your efforts into one medium, such as using only Facebook to advertise the big summer sale. “You need to find the right blend of media that makes sense for your message, your organization and audience,” she says. “It’s always best to have multiple touchpoints rather than all your eggs in one basket.”

Video for marketing victory

Include video in your marketing message whenever possible. “Online video makes up about 80 per cent of online traffic,” Lemishka explains. “It’s an investment for sure, but it’s a very potent medium because it has a great emotional impact when done well.”

Build your brand

Each advertising initiative should not be looked at as a one-off event. Rather, it’s an opportunity to build your brand with your audience. “It’s really important to think beyond the next day,” she says. 

Of course, effectively building your brand requires expertise, and Mediology can certainly help — no matter your organization’s size. 

“It’s what we do best,” Lemishka says.


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