Greengate Power: Energizing Alberta’s future with renewables

August 22, 2021
Energy & Environment Technology
newsroom+Greengate Power Energizing Albertas future with renewables

Greengate Power is a Calgary company that has gotten a head start on renewable energy. Starting in Canada 15 years ago it is now behind some of the largest clean energy projects in the world.

Developing large-scale renewable energy projects for more than a decade, one of the projects include the 400-megawatt (MW) Travers Project in Vulcan County, which sprawls over nearly 5,000 contiguous acres. When the project is completed this year, it will be the largest operating solar energy project in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. The project has a 35-year life expectancy, over which it is expected the 1.5 million solar panels will generate enough emissions-free electricity to power more than 111,000 Alberta homes a year and offset approximately 472,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Greengate has also made big strides in wind power, including the 300MW Blackspring Ridge Wind Project, the largest operating wind energy project in the nation. To date, Greengate has developed wind projects representing nearly $1 billion of investment in Alberta. Another of the company’s wind projects, located near Lethbridge, will be around 113MW in size and will include up to 28 wind turbines. According to Greengate, each turbine can supply electricity to approximately 750 homes.

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