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June 28, 2022
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University of Calgary president and vice-chancellor Ed McCauley.  

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The University of Calgary is a place to start something. New discoveries, treatments and approaches originate here, as do careers and companies — even whole new economic sectors — all helping Calgary’s economy grow and diversify.

There is no better proof than the fact UCalgary produces more startup companies than any university in Canada.

We are Canada’s most entrepreneurial university, with an innovation ecosystem that includes 35,000 square feet of lab space at the Life Sciences Innovation Centre, which supports companies in bringing products and services to market.

We are home to UCeed, Canada’s largest university venture fund. It has engaged more than 200 companies to fill the gap between when government funding ends and private investment begins. Later this year, we will be adding an energy stream to fuel even more startups.

Which is what we are also doing as a founder of the Energy Transition Centre, in partnership with the federal government, Innovate Calgary, Avatar Innovations and the energy industry. It will support the creation of new, clean-energy startups and help commercialize technologies. It will promote carbon-free energy alternatives, while creating new jobs for Calgarians and enhancing skills for existing energy workers.

In the emerging quantum sector, the Quantum City project with Mphasis, a global tech company, will create 1,000 jobs at first but, as the sector grows, it’s projected to create 26,500 jobs across Alberta by 2040. Calgary is a hub for this exciting new sector because of the groundwork set 20 years ago, when UCalgary began researching the quantum field.

Today, we have five quantum labs, the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, and we are producing graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to support emerging new sectors. Quantum has the potential to be truly transformative for Calgary’s economy.

It is not just new sectors of the economy we are helping to support. UCalgary has entered the prestigious ranks of Canada’s Top 5 research universities, drawing more top talent to Calgary and attracting more funding from outside Alberta. The Cumming School of Medicine alone has generated $16 million in revenue through 41 related spinoffs.

Thanks to recent investments by the provincial government, UCalgary will be able to support our agriculture, ag-tech and livestock industries that have played a key role in Alberta’s prosperity.

By expanding our veterinary medicine program, UCalgary will help alleviate the significant challenge faced by the livestock industry: a critical shortage of veterinarians.

So, when you think of UCalgary, don’t just think of our future-focused education and beneficial research, but also our part in driving a strong and diversified economy.

This story was provided by the University of Calgary for commercial purposes.

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