Focus on Leadership: Unique leadership transition process brings benefits to CREB

September 27, 2022
Leadership Team Calgary Real Estate & Development
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Christian Twomey, left, is the chair-elect at the Calgary Real Estate Board. He will take the place of current chair Lorna Hamm in 2023.
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A new coat of paint can have an outsized impact when selling a home.

So can a small change to how an organization is led. The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) is a perfect example.

The professional association for 6,800 real estate agents in and around the city recently transformed the structure of its leadership.

To the average homeowner, or would-be homebuyer, it seems inconsequential. Yet, the change is likely to have a big impact, if only indirectly, because it allows its leadership to engage more effectively in changes that can help realtors be better at what they do.

That is helping people buy and sell their home.

“The big difference is the new chair of the board now has a two-year term instead of one, which allows for much greater continuity,” says Christian Twomey, CREB’s new chair-elect.

He takes over the role from current CREB chair Lorna Hamm as she finishes off her term at the helm — the second leader of the organization to hold the position for two years.

“But Christian isn’t going to be entirely new to the role,” Hamm says. “He has been largely working alongside me for the past two years to be able to take over the role without skipping a beat.”

Previously, leadership took over the role with less preparation and held the position for only one year.

“Just as they were getting used to their role, their term was done,” Twomey says.

That led to less-than-ideal conditions for moving ahead with impactful initiatives to help realtors. Today, the new framework allows the organization to make progress, including on CREB’s diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism program.

“Having new leadership able to jump in and carry on with these important issues to our members is not just a benefit to them,” Hamm says. “Strong leadership that directs the organization successfully on new initiatives absolutely has a beneficial impact on tens of thousands of Calgarians — homebuyers and sellers — in the long run.”

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