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September 28, 2021
Leadership Team Calgary Real Estate & Development
calgary+newsroom+Focus on Leadership RGO Flooring helps clients modify their workspaces

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If you want to set an organization up for success, you need a strong foundation.

Or more pointedly, as many businesses prepare for a new normal in the aftermath of the pandemic, a well-configured office starts with a great floor.

And Calgary-based RGO Flooring is here to help.

“We’re part of a group of companies that is able to offer a variety of related, integrated products and services for commercial and industrial needs,” says Roger Duurtsema, vice-president at RGO Flooring Ltd.

“And that all starts with the flooring, so RGO Flooring is really the entry level into the world of RGO companies.”

As a group, RGO offers everything today’s organizations need, from office furniture to printers to window coverings and, of course, flooring.

Of particular interest as organizations look to make over offices is raised-access flooring, Duurtsema says.

“This involves a steel platform of substrate that we can run finished flooring overtop of, and what that does is it allows you to reconfigure an office without having to put permanent walls in.”

In turn, office space is highly modifiable to the unique needs of each organization, he adds.

What’s more, this innovative flooring solution dovetails well with RGO’s other offerings for furnishings, from office to industrial uses.

“Our advantage is really offering that complete solution,” he says.

Additionally, RGO has strong, trusted relationships with its suppliers and skilled contractors, which has allowed the company to navigate the many challenges of the pandemic with few hiccups.

“We’ve been very focused on securing our supply chains, and ensuring we are utilizing our warehouse space to the advantage of our clients,” Duurtsema says. “This has given us the ability to bring in additional supply in advance, setting us and our clients up for successful projects, completed on time.”

Having served the community for more than 50 years, RGO’s track record of success speaks to creating environments from the floor to the ceiling of hundreds of Alberta businesses and other organizations, including local charities, Duurtsema further notes.

“Whether it’s giving our clients unparalleled service or giving back through non-profit engagement, we’re very much committed to the communities in which we operate.”

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