Focus on Leadership: Clients big and small rely on Joe Media for video

April 25, 2023
Leadership Team Calgary Digital Media & Entertainment
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Matt Gillespie, from left, president and CEO of Joe Media, with filmmakers Kendrey Gillespie and Noel Young.  

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Joe Media Group started more than 20 years ago with a vision to make great TV and film content for the Calgary market.

“We’re just a bunch of hard-working, approachable Joes,” says Matt Gillespie, president of Joe Media Group in Calgary, of the origins of the video production company’s name.

Indeed, Joe Media has been working hard for more than two decades now, including recently wrapping up a gig with HBO’s acclaimed series The Last of Us, shot extensively in Calgary and the surrounding region.

“Through great references from the industry, we were able to land that job,” he says.

Joe Media’s work speaks volumes for its expertise, helping a variety of clients — from national sport organizations requiring live broadcasts to documentaries to its bread and butter video advertising campaigns for corporate clients.

“Everyone can say they’re storytellers, but our portfolio of work shows we walk the talk,” Gillespie says.

Rather than focusing on quantity, Joe Media has always focused on quality to compete and thrive.

“There is so much quality entertainment content — like The Last of Us — and corporate content must have production values that are comparable, and at Joe Media, that’s what we do.”

The company runs lean and mean, with a small staff of video production and marketing experts, but it has deep ties with the local industry, allowing Joe Media to take on any video or film project.

“We’re able to bring a team of experienced collaborators for any project, but our strength is really in the management of productions,” Gillespie says.

Able to compete with larger video production firms in larger centres, Joe Media has clients nationwide, creating video marketing content for television and social media.

“We just finished doing four TV commercials for an organization out of Toronto,” he says. “In the end, there were 72 different versions after accounting for social media.”

Of course, the backbone of its success is knowing how to tell a good story, powered by its team of veteran and young filmmakers adept in the latest videography techniques.

“At Joe Media, we offer steadiness and competence along with new, fresh perspectives to production,” he says.

“It’s a winning combination for us and, more importantly, our clients.”


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