Focus on Leadership: Bow Valley College fine-tunes upskilling with Pivot-Ed

March 28, 2023
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Dr. Cheryl Kinzel is the dean of innovation, arts and sciences at Bow Valley College. 

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If you want to make a career change, consider pivoting with Pivot-Ed.  

Launched this month by Bow Valley College, Pivot-Ed helps people considering a career shift to fine-tune their skills with a personalized program for upskilling and reskilling.   

“Pivot-Ed is a system through which we offer assessments first and then determine what skills and competencies you need to hone,” says Cheryl Kinzel, dean of innovation, arts and sciences at Bow Valley College.  

“It’s a competency-based education approach that can assess exactly what someone needs to learn for a specific job role or job function.” 

Pivot-Ed could not be more relevant for today’s job market, she adds, where individuals often have significant experience but need a little more.  

“Pivot-Ed helps individuals assess the competencies required for micro-credentials — which validate people have the necessary skills to move to a new role.”  

Bow Valley College is Calgary’s go-to educator for micro-credential programs, which are closely developed with industry, so graduates are job-ready, she adds.  

Digital design, software development and strategic workplace planning are a few of the dozens of micro-credentials offered at the college.  

What’s more, micro-credential programming typically requires less time than a post-secondary diploma or degree and is ideal for experienced individuals. Students can learn at their own pace and acquire only the skills they need.  

This is where Pivot-Ed can be helpful for individuals with international training seeking Canadian accreditation in specific fields.  

It assesses what skills learners already have and then determines what they still need to demonstrate to earn the micro-credential.  

Pivot-Ed provides them with a tailor-made learning path, pairing them with an instructor to assist them, Kinzel says. 

“Pivot-Ed really empowers learners, recognizing competencies they have, so they can focus on acquiring the skills they need.” 

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