Fluor Canada helps energy industry innovate

February 22, 2022
Leadership Team Calgary Energy & Environment
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Fluor Canada’s team includes, from left, supply chain manager Ab Uppal, engineering manager Mariki MacKenzie, business development and sales manager Kirsten Goldstein and vice-president and general manager Mark Brown.
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Fluor Canada has always been a partner of energy companies, and its services have never been in higher demand than today as many companies pivot to a more sustainable future. 

“The transition to renewable energy is extremely important to the industry, but there is also an incredible amount of effort put into more traditional sector players to make them be better at what they do by helping them drive efficiencies through innovation,” says Mark Brown, vice-president and general manager at Fluor Canada Ltd. in Calgary. 

The global engineering, procurement and construction services firm has for decades helped oil and gas companies navigate industry challenges while working on a variety of projects, including some of the largest in the oilsands. 

More recently, as addressing climate change has become a top priority, Fluor has helped energy sector players move toward goals such as net-zero emissions while providing leadership on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and nuclear. 

“We’re seeing a massive shift in the industry and in government policy toward more sustainable energy production,” Brown says. “It’s not just because of regulation; it’s because companies understand that for the longevity of the energy assets, they need to think differently.” 

While conventional energy sources such as oil and gas are not going away anytime soon, methods to produce these commodities with lower emissions are being sought through innovation. 

Brown likens the challenge to the oilsands during the 1970s. 

“It was really just an ambitious idea that required a lot of innovation that fuelled success of the Canadian industry,” he says. “Think about what that same ambition and innovation can do in the decades to come with the new energy transition.” 

From helping develop and manage engineering, procurement and construction for the LNG Canada project on the West Coast to efficiency upgrades on existing oil and gas assets in Alberta, Fluor Canada is a trusted partner with energy firms and the communities in which they operate. That includes providing training and career opportunities for the next generation of innovators. 

“At Fluor, we are essential partners to the industry’s problem-solvers, driving innovation,” Brown explains. “We have a proven track record, and we will continue to be a critical part of solutions to challenges for many years to come.”

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