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October 31, 2023
Leadership Innovation Team Calgary Technology
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Derek McBurney is head of technology with Evans Hunt.  

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With technology everywhere, organizations seeking to increase brand awareness must look to harness new innovations to engage audiences on their mobile phones or computers.

“Everyone is surrounded by technology, and they have a level of expectation from what they see from brands online,” says Mike Tran, head of creative at Evans Hunt, an award-winning, full-service digital agency with clients that include Rogers and Travel Alberta.

“If users don’t get that ‘wow’ experience, it can reflect badly on the brand.”

A mediocre digital campaign can make a business seem out of touch or, even worse, inept.

“We’ve all had technology frustrate us,” says Derek McBurney, Evans Hunt’s head of technology, noting how that can turn off consumers. That’s why technology-driven design forms the foundation of every digital initiative Evans Hunt builds for clients.

“Our work puts new technological innovations — be it for social media, web or other media — at the heart of our processes right at the start, rather than being an afterthought,” Tran adds.

Evans Hunt is a trusted guide, helping clients select the technologies that matter while advising against those offering more sizzle than substance.

“While some new innovations can seem impressive, many fall short of their hype when put into practice. We provide honest insight and perspective to ensure new technology trends help build meaningful experiences,” McBurney says.

Well-designed digital initiatives — using 3D animation and high-quality video across multiple media platforms — can exceed the expectations of clients and their intended audiences.

“Previously, these technologies weren’t applicable as devices didn’t have the processor power,” McBurney adds.

That’s changed today, allowing Evans Hunt to create “truly amazing digital experiences,” McBurney says.

Even behind the scenes, tech is game-changing. Notably, Evans Hunt now uses artificial intelligence to build campaigns faster and more efficiently, offering greater value for clients.

“That includes putting AI tools in clients’ hands to create their own content for even richer experiences,” Tran explains.

Tech-driven design can astonish viewers.

“We’re able to do immersive designs for client campaigns today that we previously only dreamt of,” McBurney says. “What’s more, these experiences are widely accessible, easily enjoyed more than ever by larger and larger audiences.”

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