ENGIN: Infrastructure intelligence tech in Calgary

July 20, 2021
New Economy Technology
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Calgary-based power infrastructure tech startup Engineered Intelligence Inc. (EII) helps utility providers manage their assets with their automated, data-driven platform, ENGIN. EII’s technology tracks the health and risk of infrastructure to keep cities powered on, with ambitions to expand in Canada, North America, and beyond.

“Our vision is to be at the forefront of our sector’s infrastructure intelligence technologies. Our goal is to make ENGIN a platform where you can collaborate with your peers and where the utilities have access to data that they can show to their customers,” said Ted Zalucki, co-founder of EII.

The EII team’s decision to entrench themselves in Calgary’s burgeoning tech ecosystem was a “no brainer” from the start — taking into account the city’s business environment, proximity to the Rocky Mountains and Bragg Creek, along with affordability and cost of living.

“With all the amenities Calgary has to offer, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t consider Calgary as a hub for their tech company,” said Zalucki. “It’s such a personable environment here. People are easy to approach, interested in making connections and offer up collaboration opportunities.”

Zalucki also credits the city’s skilled talent pool and the presence of Calgary-specific innovation funds, which help support the innovation ecosystem and create jobs for Calgarians.

“There are many people here looking to repurpose their skills, and they come with extremely valuable critical thinking skills too. I believe we can draw insights from these people to help businesses,” said Zalucki. “Calgarians are extremely resilient, and you know that in the long-term, we will excel.”

Onward, EII hopes to transform into a major global infrastructure intelligence technology provider with plans to invest in deep learning technologies, a function of AI that imitates the human brain in processing data, creating patterns for use in decision making. 

The vision of the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy, is to be the destination of choice for the world’s best entrepreneurs, who embrace innovation to solve global challenges, like EII. The strategy focuses on four pillars: Talent, Innovation, Place and Business Environment.

For the full story on EII’s ENGIN platform, and other innovative companies in Calgary’s innovation ecosystem, visit Live Tech, Love Life. Check out the careers page for current tech opportunities in the city across diverse sectors.

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