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When you think about participating in sports or registering family members for sports, you likely consider the physical and mental health benefits or the social and community engagement. 

But, what about the economic impacts to your community and city? 

In an effort to better understand the economic impact of amateur sports in Calgary, Calgary organizations including Sport Calgary, Calgary Sport Tourism Authority, Calgary Economic Development, and the City of Calgary collaborated with Caminata Consulting to estimate the contribution that amateur sport makes in the Calgary economy.

The results show that, beyond a doubt, local amateur sports is a significant contributor not only to city economics, but regional and provincial as well (results are from 2016 data, the most recent data on record).

• The “Gross Municipal Amateur Sport Product” in Calgary was over $1.2 billion, which represents the sum of expenditures such as private household consumption (over $715 million), various levels of government spending (nearly $150 million), balance of trade (over $350 million), and other private capital investments.

• The overall GDP (value added) impact on the Calgary economy of these expenditures was approximately $1.1 billion; amateur sport supported almost 1.0% of Calgary’s GDP.

• The overall impact on wages and salaries on the Calgary economy of these expenditures was approximately $750 million; amateur sport supported almost 2.3% of Calgary’s employment.

• Amateur sport spending had an effect on employment in Calgary of almost 17,000 full-time jobs.

• While contributing to amateur sport in Calgary, volunteers provided an estimated 15 million hours.
For more information on the economic impact amateur sports has on the economy, read the full report.


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