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February 27, 2024
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Christian Twomey is the chair of the Calgary Real Estate Board.


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Calgary’s economy and housing market are picking up momentum, with local real estate agents assisting thousands in navigating their home buying and selling journeys.

The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) supports the more than 7,700 real estate agents working in Calgary and surrounding communities, including Canmore and Strathmore.

And in 2024, the organization is bringing more professional development options to its agent members, thanks in part to changes at the organization’s office, says CREB chairperson Christian Twomey.

“At CREB, helping our realtors is our focus,” he says. “Indeed, it’s the main reason behind the renovations currently underway at our headquarters.”

Once complete, CREB’s overhauled office spaces will feature a campus-like atmosphere created to facilitate in-person training and mentorship initiatives.

The renovations will create more space for face-to-face learning and networking. Those opportunities have largely been missing in recent years, Twomey says.

“After the pandemic, there have just been fewer opportunities to come together.”

CREB will continue offering virtual training, like it did during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, but the new campus will make it easier overall for real estate agents to network.

Gathering is fundamental to the industry; after all, real estate thrives on personal connections and relationships. “And that friendly, familiar voice on the other end of the phone is what often makes what we do for our clients that much better,” Twomey notes.

The renovation project also exemplifies CREB’s prudent management of members’ fees. The entire project is being financed from CREB’s reserve fund without incurring debt. CREB has also just announced a $150 dues rebate to its members.

The organization has also provided significant financial support for the community through the CREB Realtor Community Foundation. Since 1987, it has contributed more than $8 million to various projects, including $485,000 in 2023 for several affordable housing initiatives.

Helping Calgarians is at the heart of what CREB members do every day, Twomey says.

“We’re realtors, helping Calgarians buy and/or sell their homes, and we’re incredibly proud to support our members so they can better assist their clients on that journey of homeownership.”

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