Bow Valley College gives students top computing power

March 26, 2024
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Jason Mansell is director of information technology at Bow Valley College.

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Bow Valley College wants to put the prowess of its new computing power in the palm of learners’ hands without a big price tag for students.

“Our goal is to make advanced technology fully accessible to our learners,” says Jason Mansell, director of information technology services at Bow Valley College.

The Calgary post-secondary institution recently unveiled a new data centre that allows students to tap into elite processing power from their smartphones, tablets and computers.

“Our continuously growing virtual desktop data centre is among the most powerful at an educational institution in Canada. We are immensely proud of the opportunities it affords our students,” says Mansell.

The new data centre is for the benefit of all Bow Valley College students, particularly those in tech-centred programs such as digital animation at its Centre for Entertainment Arts.

Programs such as animation can require that learners spend thousands of dollars on hardware and software.

At Bow Valley College, however, students are provided a high -powered virtual desktop that they can access with any device by using a virtual Microsoft desktop like they would if they were using school computers.

“It’s like having a very powerful computer that Bow Valley is hosting, backed by the best technology,” he says, noting an equivalent computer would cost about $5,000.

“That’s something for all our programs, but it’s especially good news for Centre for Entertainment Arts students because they generally have the highest computing power needs.”

Mansell adds the initiative “levels the playing field,” making post-secondary learning more accessible and flexible.

“Many students have other commitments and can’t always be in the lab.”

Now, they can watch live and recorded lectures, and work on assignments from their own computer from anywhere at any time.

These new technologies further cement Bow Valley College’s reputation as an institution that strives to reduce the financial barriers for its learners, and therefore remains a top choice for post-secondary education in Calgary.

“With this technology, our students have the flexibility they want and need.”

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