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Some cities are well-known for their business hustle and energy, others for sweeping vistas and endless recreational opportunities. The ambitious will often seek their fortunes in the former and their vacation escapes in the latter.

The ideal location offers both. It is those places where investors are able to strike deep into the heart of opportunity, prosperity and growth. Calgary is one of those fortunate cities with that winning formula to draw the attention of companies from all sectors.

There is opportunity at every turn, across a variety of industries, but, most notably, it’s the deep well of ambitious and innovative thinkers. With a world-class talent pool driving success in Calgary, strong growth and sustainability are certain rewards. It also happens to be the city with the most days of sunshine in North America.

On paper, Calgary is a strong competitor maintaining its spot in 2017 as the fifth most livable city in the world as rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit. However, visiting Calgary is a next-level experience to see exactly why people stay and build their legacies here.

The breathtaking Rockies and mountain lifestyle are an hour’s drive from the dynamic business energy, vibrant nightlife and inspired food culture in Calgary’s downtown core. People know this is a place they can make a living, make a life and create a future. The loyalty and commitment to this city are what inspire residents to learn, create and innovate where they live, making Calgary rich with resources far beyond what the eye can see.

Adam Berkan, a former senior software engineer at Google and Microsoft, recently returned to Calgary from Silicon Valley. He considered the future of his family when making the move. He and his wife were raised in the Calgary area, and while they enjoyed a successful life in California, they knew Calgary would offer their five children a variety of options, including the chance to attend excellent schools and universities, and later on buy homes, raise families, and create opportunities of their own.

Berkan also sees great potential for those who choose to invest here in Calgary. He considers himself more likely to start a business here, knowing that he could do so more easily, and at a more affordable cost than in Silicon Valley. “It’s more interesting to be an investor in Calgary,” says Berkan. “More can be done with less, and there is always the potential to coax other talent to Calgary.”

When companies look for locations where they can invest, they do so with an eye on the future as well as the immediate opportunity. In a competitive market where employee loyalty is increasingly a challenge for employers of all size, a location needs to be able to offer employees a reason to stay.

Will a business be able to hire and develop employees with the confidence they will want to continue to build their lives in a city? Calgary – with an inclusive and welcoming environment attracts people from around the world for the generous economic and lifestyle benefits.

The city is more than ready to meet staffing demands. The 1.5 million residents have one of the highest levels of educational in North America and 27 per cent of the degrees from the seven post-secondary institutions are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. Streamlined immigration policies in Canada also make recruiting global talent a business advantage.

The city offers sustainability that other locations cannot match with its blend of cultural diversity, world-class education, and attractive lifestyle, easily retaining those who choose to make it home. The loyalty is doubly rewarded with affordable housing and enviable public education and healthcare, which helps them prosper.

This combination creates a generous supply of talented people passionate about creating and attracting opportunity to their city. The tenacity and drive of the people who live here make Calgary a powerhouse with a bright future.

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