InterGen's Wine Wednesday with Emma May & Breanne Everett

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Without a doubt, women entrepreneurs have brought fresh ideas and a unique set of skills to the business world. This has led to exceptional success, from developing new products and services to founding established companies. These accomplishments can be incredibly inspiring for the business community as we learn about women who have broken barriers which can help build confidence for other women to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

The next Wine Wednesday is proud and excited to feature two highly-accomplished women who have influenced and contributed positive change in society through their careers and companies. Join us as they share their stories and perspectives on leadership, entrepreneurship and achieving success.

Our first speaker is Emma May, a corporate lawyer turned into serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of the clothing brand and boutique real estate brokerage, Charles Real Estate. Our second speaker is Dr. Breanne Everett, CEO & Co-Founder of Orpyx Medical Technologies. Her company is transforming diabetes care by helping prevent diabetic foot ulcers, a major diabetes complication that can lead to amputation.

The company's whole-person approach enables people to take control of their health, prevent debilitating complications and extend their health span. Whether you're a seasoned professional and/or an aspiring entrepreneur, don't miss your chance to learn from two trailblazing women who have achieved incredible success in their respective fields! Register now and enjoy an evening of inspiration and empowerment!

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