Creating Tomorrow | Quantum Research: Transforming the Future

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Find out what’s happening with quantum research at UCalgary! Join us at our inaugural event in the Creating Tomorrow series where we will explore society’s biggest challenges and the people with bold ideas to solve them.

At UCalgary, we’re not just talking about the future — we’re actively building it. Thanks to the discoveries of quantum science, we have technology that has made everything from the remarkable to the ordinary possible. From atomic clocks and life-saving surgeries to fluorescent light bulbs and cellphones, you use quantum technology every single day.

Right now, UCalgary researchers are seeking incredible breakthroughs that will reshape industries and transform our lives. Learn how our quantum ecosystem is driving the next quantum revolution, from the foundations of physics to commercial innovations in cybersecurity, energy and beyond. Keynote speaker Dr. Urbasi Sinha, PhD, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Photonic Quantum Science and Technologies, will explore the fascinating world of quantum research and how it will impact our daily lives.

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