A Distributed Workforce in a Downturn: How it Affects Compensation & Hiring

Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Teamit Webinar Dec 1

It has been a wild year in tech and as we look ahead to 2023, your hiring and compensation strategies have never been more important. A year ago, it was a candidate-driven market but with a looming economic downturn and the announcement of layoffs in the last few months, what has shifted, and what should growth-focused companies focus on to attract and retain top talent? How does a globally distributed workforce affect compensation and hiring strategies during a downturn? Annika Reinhardt, Co-Founder of Talent Collective, and Certified Compensation, Global Remuneration and Sales Compensation Professional, provides insights on the latest compensation trends and the strategies companies can implement to remain competitive. Teamit’s President & Co-Founder, Alistair Shepherd-Cross, also shares what’s happening in the market and how competitive salaries impact  talent retention and recruitment in the tech industry.  

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