Xerris’s IT services came at the perfect time

January 25, 2022
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Jonathan McCracken is chief technology officer at Xerris Inc. Wil Andruschak © Postmedia Network Inc.

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Xerris is a small but rapidly growing Calgary company that truly embodies the notion of being in the right place with the right services at the right time.

A homegrown technology startup success story, the company has seen demand for its information technology services grow since its launch a little more than three years ago. Today, the firm is budding with new sources of revenue.

“Growth has been dramatic, fuelled by expanding demand for digital transformation services,” says Jonathan McCracken, chief technology officer at Xerris Inc. “Xerris started out as a very humble initiative of three founders, but today we’re at more than 100 staff and growing.”

Helping organizations of all sizes increase their productivity by modernizing their digital infrastructure, Xerris saw increasing demand even before the pandemic.

“We were definitely in the right business for the right time because the pandemic only has accelerated this digital transformation involving cloud technologies for remote work.”

While the pandemic has been largely “an awful experience” for individuals, society and the economy, Xerris has been able to help clients facilitate the transition to remote work while creating IT infrastructure resilient enough to withstand further challenges.

One key new area where Xerris has been able to assist clients is through the implementation of micro services that allow organizations to create new digital tools and modify existing ones with minimal disruption.

“Companies often use large IT applications that try to do everything, but micro services offer the same features but in limited, smaller applications,” McCracken explains.

“As a result, a major advantage is a micro service can be deployed quickly without dramatically affecting other systems.”

Working with financial, mining, logistics and agriculture firms, among others, Xerris expects another year of high demand for its services.

The tech company is ready for growth thanks to successful, ongoing initiatives to train and hire student interns while retraining experienced professionals from the energy industry.

“We’re looking at as much as 100 per cent growth this year,” McCracken says. “I don’t see demand for what we do stopping anytime soon.”

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