Applicant Information
Location Information



Will you be parking in the lots located at the park?

Vehicle Access

Will you require vehicle access into the park?

Gate Access

Will you require gate access?


Will you be using park pathways?
Do you need access to water?


Do you need an electrical hook-up?
Will you be using a generator?


Will you be using lighting?


Will you be setting up tents?
Will you be staking tents into the ground?
Other Information
Will public use of the requested area be affected?
Special effects & miscellaneous:
Please check all that apply
Do you need a noise exemption?
Will you be located near any other business or residents that will be affected by filming activities? Please revise and submit the Dear Neighbour letter template. You must submit a copy of this to the Film Commission.
All supporting materials must be sent as PDFs, GIFs, TIFs, JPEGs and Word doc.
Each file upload field is limited to 4MB in file size.

Should you encounter any difficulty uploading your attachments or files, please email them directly to [email protected]

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