StellarAlgo: Activating sports fans from Calgary

March 1, 2022
Innovation Technology
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View of the Scotiabank Saddledome 
Andrew Bain

Calgary-based StellarAlgo is the leading data solutions provider for the sports and live audience industry. Using its proprietary technology and customer data,  StellarAlgo enhances each fan’s experience with their favourite live artist, enthusiast brand, or sports team.  

The five-year- old company is coming off a major Series A announcement in 2021, raising $16.5 million to support their mission of connecting sports and live audience organizations with their passionate audiences. Its ongoing expansion is another feather in Calgary’s cap in alignment with the economic strategy Calgary in the New Economy and the vision to be the place where global challenges are solved through technology and innovation. 

Vincent Ircandia, founder and CEO of StellarAlgo, is a first-time founder and proud Calgarian. Ircandia chose Calgary as StellarAlgo’s home for a reason: He was confident the collaborative, supportive nature of his hometown would be the best bet for his startup. 

“I thought about starting the company in the Bay Area or in New York,” he stated, “but I believe the collaborative nature of our city really stands out over other markets.” 

In addition to the collaborative ecosystem, Ircandia knew there was an abundance of great leadership and talent in Calgary’s tech industry, all of which were invested in establishing Calgary as a tech hub. As a first-time founder, he knew that was exactly the kind of support system he would need along the way. 

StellarAlgo pays it forward by fostering Calgary’s tech-innovation ecosystem – their leadership participates in informal mentorship opportunities and works with the community as a member of The A100, Venture Mentoring Services of Alberta, and the advisory committee at Platform Calgary. Jana Taylor, Chief People & Culture Officer, is on the board of TELUS Spark, where she supports initiatives on digital literacy to expand the city’s talent pipeline. 

StellarAlgo has representation across Canada and the United States, and Ircandia foresees a larger global presence in the company’s future to better support international clients.  

For the full story on StellarAlgo and other innovative Calgary companies, visit Live Tech, Love Life. Check out the tech ecosystem page for local career opportunities across diverse industry sectors. 

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