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The Economic Strategy for Calgary is our guide to be the city we envision through the fundamentals of prosperity: People, Place, Innovation, and Business Environment. The 2026 Games would inject billions into the economy and propel efforts to promote Calgary and achieve ambitious goals for business growth for more than a decade. Done right, they would revitalize our city in important and lasting ways.

Olympic moments can define people and places.

The most inspired, dedicated, and talented people are drawn to the big stages and the opportunity to excel on a global scale. Bringing the best of the best to Calgary/Canmore in 2026 will be our call out to the world’s key influencers, top trendsetters and global gamechangers that this is the place to be.

The Games are a showcase for top performers globally. In a time when disruptive change is universal –  and people are the drivers of prosperity – our strategy is also for Calgary to be Canada’s destination for top talent.

Calgary is a thriving, ethnically diverse, endlessly spectacular city with a highly-educated population and an entrepreneurial ethos that has been is a magnet for the ambitious and the adventurous from around the world for generations.

We are a city that embraces people. Hosting The 2026 Games is another reason to put out the welcome mat.

The Games will be worthwhile if they are a step to becoming a more inclusive society and, specifically, extend the spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

“Any economic strategy or initiative for the city like the Olympic and Paralympic Games is about people. If we can find ways to inspire and empower people to help this city achieve the goals that we have, that is what it is all about,” said Adam Waterous, Chair of the CEO Roundtable that led development of Calgary’s new Economic Strategy.

We are committed to building a diverse, problem-solving, innovation-oriented workforce. The Games can embody our commitment that everyone in our city (our province and our country) feels they have the ability to share in our collective success.

We are committed to building a world-class workforce from the incredibly talented people who call Calgary home. As our economy evolves we also are recruiting the best and brightest to fill any in-demand skills gaps and mentor the next generation of talent and spur homegrown success stories.

The need for opportunities for youth is real. There has been a rise in migration of students and young professionals with the economic struggles in recent years. It is must be reversed if Calgary is going to have the one thing it needs more than anything – the workforce of tomorrow.

Polling puts support for the Olympics and Paralympics higher among younger Calgarians. They are the same key demographic who also want to live an urban, global city and The Games loom as a key talent attraction and talent retention tool. It will help us be the premier destination for talent in Canada.

Hosting the Games will help us to achieve many long-standing goals for Calgary and will spark economic development that will provide an enduring post-Games legacy. The Economic Strategy endorses coming together as a community and also makes the point “we have a shared ownership in decision making and implementation initiatives.”

Everyone is encouraged to vote November 13.




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