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A tab on Avanti’s homepage reads ‘Become a Superhero', and honestly, who doesn’t want to be one of those? One of Calgary’s oldest tech companies, Avanti has not only managed to survive during economic changes, but has adapted, evolved and thrived in its mission to streamline and simplify people management processes for Canadian companies by creating superheroes within those organizations.

Founded in 1980, Avanti began as a payroll management system; over time, it has evolved to be an integrated, end-to-end, enterprise software platform for people management.

“The company has grown steadily since its inception, owing to our collective focus on providing innovative, technology-enabled solutions for the evolving people management challenges of our clients,” says Amin Lalani, CEO

Avanti now has hundreds of clients and it helps those clients manage hundreds of thousands of employees across the country. With just under 50 employees, this proudly Canadian, cloud-based, enterprise software-as-a-service helps companies manage their people from hire to retire. 

“We help Canadian businesses manage their people throughout the entire lifecycle; from recruiting candidates and onboarding, to scheduling shifts, managing their performance and increasing employee retention” says Lalani.

“All stored in one database, we empower Canadian businesses to compete in an increasingly global environment by enabling data-driven decision making around their most important asset: their people.”

Lalani attributes Avanti’s continued success in Calgary to the talented group of people that work at the company.

“We are thrilled that the universities are starting to focus more on technology-based programs; we are starting to see an increase in both the depth and breadth of talent in the technology labour pool.”

The local talent pool is rich with people who have a history in energy, an education and understanding of Calgary. Many are attracted by the stability and growth opportunities that companies like Avanti are able to provide, leading them to pivot to a more tech-based career focus.

Lalani is encouraged by the renewed enthusiasm surrounding technology in Calgary, and has been pleased to see the resources and focus being afforded to support a growing and flourishing technology ecosystem. Avanti has watched this trend emerge and mature, and has followed suit.

“We are really proud of the culture and atmosphere we’ve built here, focusing on attracting and retaining Calgary’s high-quality talent. Our goal is to be a top employer in the city, and eventually the country.”


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