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In the face of challenges for tech talent that are impacting both employers and employees, Calgary offers a solution for the booming sector in the Lower Mainland.

It is a smaller, less expensive market next door with a strong value proposition for businesses struggling to get the workforce they need. It also offers the opportunity for job seekers to build a career and make a life in a city with a decidedly affordable cost of living.

“There’s a reason we’re one of the most livable places in the world … it’s just so much more affordable,” said Hanif Symend, the CEO of fast-growing fintech Calgary firm Symend Inc. “It’s not marginally more affordable, it’s light years more affordable.”

It’s also just a short 60-minute flight away. The chance to connect with Calgary companies that are hiring will be even closer Thursday, October 25, when a contingent of Calgarians led by Mayor Naheed Nenshi travel to Vancouver to draw attention to the opportunities in Calgary.

As everyone knows, the competition for tech talent is intense and an employment fair is being held in Vancouver with a number of tech companies from Calgary. Prospective employees can have a first hand look at the types of exciting roles that are vacant in a city that is undergoing an exciting pivot.

For companies like Vancouver-based tech company Clio, a leader in legal practice management, the tech cluster in Calgary may not be as large or robust as the ecosystems in cities like Vancouver or Toronto but it does offer advantages to employers in bigger, more competitive markets.

“You can make a real impact in Calgary,” says Tys von Gaza, Director of Product Development at Clio. “If you want to drive this community, the opportunities are endless. We have grown from nine employees in January to 25 now. People stay in Calgary because of the amazing jobs and a quality of life that makes us one of the top cities in the world.”

Clio is one of the companies participating in the talent fair.

von Gaza also advised not to underestimate the entrepreneurial spirit in Calgary as part of the city’s formula.

Registration is also open for a second event for technology companies seeking to connect with disruptors in Calgary’s energy, agribusiness, finance, transportation and health sector to discuss opportunities emerging in industrial digital transformation.

The ability to “nearshore” part of a company’s operations in Calgary to take advantage of one of the youngest, most highly educated and multicultural populations in the country – as well as a lower cost of doing business – is already attracting companies from Vancouver, Seattle and Silicon Valley.

Talent, Innovation, Place, and Business Environment are the pillars the economic strategy Calgary in the New Economy that was put in place this year but the “can do” attitude of the people are at the heart of the framework for the city’s future.

For tech companies looking to connect with large buyers or software developers or computer engineers looking to learn about the emerging tech industry in Calgary, these are must attend events.


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