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It’s a little bit like they’ve merged story time with show-and-tell and made it highly marketable.

V Strategies Inc. is a Calgary based video agency that tells clients’ stories through video, and they believe every client does indeed have a story to tell.

“We get caught up in spewing the facts, the feature, and the benefits and forget that there’s a story behind a company’s financial statements. There’s a story behind safety procedures and executive  updates. Even when selling a product or service, you’re much better off if you can tell a story about how a person will benefit,” says V Strategies president and CEO Jeff Bradshaw.

“Too often we forget that the best way to capture the attention of an audience and have them truly absorb information is through storytelling.”

And at V Strategies the story can be told using a variety of means.

“Effective storytelling tools include things like mini-documentaries, video 360s, video-centric e-learning, animation, photography, content marketing and branded entertainment,” says Bradshaw.

V Strategies is a video agency and not a video production company — it doesn’t exist to produce video but rather to help solve problems.

“Communicators wake up every morning with a list of challenges — sell more, train people, update employees, build corporate culture, promote community initiatives and on and on,” says Bradshaw.

“Our goal is to help people solve those problems. We’re not just doers. We’re thinkers.”

Bradshaw points out that they serve a video-savvy generation of voracious consumers. Video is expected.

YouTube reports that more than six billion hours of content are viewed each month on its video player alone.

“We’ve seen so much growth in this business and we believe every corporation will be using video in both external and internal communications in the years ahead,” says Bradshaw.

He says sight, sound, motion and emotion all draw viewers in and help clients reach audiences across the hall or around the world with ease.

“With video there’s a personal connection, greater engagement, credibility, transparency and efficiency,” says Bradshaw, adding that

V Strategies has positioned itself in Western Canada to be ready to serve this market.

“We know how to effectively tell a story and we know how to solve communication problems.”


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