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“Axia’s fibre network is the backbone for innovation in Alberta,” says Robert Price, vice-president of services with Axia Netmedia Corp. Photo by Wil Andruschak, ©2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

Shannon Sutherland-Smith, ©2018 Postmedia Network Inc

A disconnected community is cut off from opportunity and cannot thrive. In Alberta, that would be devastating for everyone - rural or urban.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that, says Robert Price, vice-president of services for Calgary’s Axia Netmedia Corp.

“Axia’s fibre network is the backbone for innovation in Alberta,” says Price. “And we are the most connected province in the country.

“This has an enormous impact for all of us in the province, since about 80 per cent of our GDP (gross domestic product) comes from outside of Calgary and Edmonton in this province. If our rural communities aren’t connected, as a province we all get left behind,” says Price.

Axia FibreNet is built on fibre networks made of glass instead of traditional copper cables. Beams of light are used to transport data at the speed of light, creating massive possibilities for communication and connectivity.

In addition to its long-term partnership with the provincial government to connect rural Albertans through the creation of the SuperNet, Axia announced it would invest $100 million in new fibre infrastructure in 2016 to improve connectivity in rural communities.

Axia then made an additional investment to increase tenfold the speed of Internet service, providing more rural Albertans with a level of service that Canadians in many metropolitan centres don’t even enjoy.

The Alberta company has also leveraged its expertise internationally as far as Singapore and Asia.

The leadership role the organization has taken in this province is what made these advancements around the globe possible. It’s a true example of technology serving people, says Price.

“About 66 per cent of our customers said faster connectivity has actually improved the quality of their lives, saving them time and travel and opening up new opportunities to do business and learn,” says Price.

 “We’re not done yet,” he adds. “We will continue to invest in Alberta, expanding and improving our service. This is what we do.”

This content was produced by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division.

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