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 VizworX representatives demonstrating virtual reality technology

How do you envision a business-friendly city?

For Calgary, it is a variety of elements that include an entrepreneurial ecosystem, an ease of doing business and support programs in our key industrial sectors.

Calgary Economic Development and City of Calgary are focused on making the city top in business friendliness and have partnered to implement Calgary's Living Lab initiative. This initiative allows companies to test and validate their technologies on City owned land and property.

As this initiative kicks off, the spacious Calgary Film Centre opened its doors to VizworX, a Calgary-based company and world leader in augmented reality software. In a demonstration to Calgary business leaders and City delegates VizworX, a full-service custom solutions developer, showcased its work with a major oil and gas player by presenting the 3D augmented reality model of their gas processing plant. VizworX works alongside organizations to improve their strategic planning, decision-making and communication capabilities by providing clients full-scale 3D models and the ability to visualize layout and design data before construction.

“You can have safety, ergonomics, operations, maintenance and designers walk around and interact with their own designs before it is built, which results in shorter review times and better design outcomes,” Jeff LaFrenz, president and CEO at VizworX.

Through VizworX’s AR Technology, companies can save on costs by doing the engineering design phase properly from the beginning. According to LaFrenz, 30 per cent of the trillions spent annually on construction costs is spent on re-work. This technology allows for better, cost-efficient outcomes, faster.

With Mercedes Benz U.S. International as one of its clients, VizworX has been touted as one of two companies in the world who could help them effectively and efficiently do a massive overhaul on one of their auto-manufacturing facilities.

The resource of space at the Calgary Film Centre allows VizworX to showcase not only their current product and projects, but the potential of their technology over many disciplines, both inside and outside the city. Currently working with major players in the energy sector, LaFrenz shed some light on the overall abilities this technology can provide Calgary. From C-train design and movie set design, from an unbuilt oil plant to the recreated Temple of Baashamin in Syria, the world is brought to the client, in real-space and with total accuracy.

When asked why Calgary works for them, LaFrenz said, “We have benefitted from the innovation ecosystem in Calgary, through financial resources, talent, and support from all levels of government, higher education and business.” Billions of dollars are going into this technology annually, as it advances the more accessible it will become to everyone. VizworX is working hard to create a new Center of Excellence in Calgary for the continued development of this technology and the Calgary Film Centre is pleased to be a part of it.

The Calgary Film Centre provides a unique opportunity in Calgary for the scaling necessary with this type of technology and the clients who use it. To be able to walk and visualize your exact space, rooms, and layout without ever leaving the demo area is an advantage not afforded to everyone.





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