With the holidays approaching, you might have hosting on the mind. We do too.

Calgarians often host out-of-town guests, and at any given time, our city might have corporate scouts checking out what our incredible city has to offer. These scouts often evaluate everyday encounters between residents when they are in market to assess a city.

As ambassadors in the ultimate host city, we are challenging Calgarians to show why we make the best neighbours. Let’s show prospective companies how we would really fight a bear – with friendliness, approachability and helpfulness. This is an opportunity for all residents to get in on potential corporate bids.

1208 Hey Amazon Newsroom Hosts

Let’s show everyone – visitors and fellow Calgarians – our incredible community spirit. Being the ultimate host sets us apart from other cities, so:

  1. Hold a door open for someone.
  2. Let drivers merge into your lane (and don’t forget to wave if someone lets you in).
  3. Give up your seat for someone on transit.
  4. Carry groceries or let someone with few items go ahead of you.
  5. Smile, nod, and make eye contact.

Corporations need to be connected and we already are. Let’s keep the energy going, Calgarians!

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