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The opportunity to grow the renewable energy sector in Alberta has arrived. The drive towards sustainable economic growth, along with a new Climate Leadership Plan introduced by the Government of Alberta in November 2015, will create a wide range of opportunities in Alberta’s renewable energy market.

That’s why Calgary Economic Development is supporting and participating in the Alberta and Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Finance Summit taking place June 2-3 in Calgary.

The Summit focuses on driving renewables projects and finance success under the new renewables procurement strategy being developed by the Province and AESO.  It will bring together key government and system operators with renewables lenders, developers and suppliers for networking and critical market updates. 

In alignment with Building on our Energy: The 10-year Economic Strategy for Calgary, it is critical we build on our position as a global energy centre to take a leadership role in the low carbon economy- with renewables being one of the key solutions in the global energy transition.

Enter the code “calgary20" on the Summit registration page and receive a 20 per cent discount. Delegates from non-profit organizations are eligible for a 30 per cent discount by entering “np30”. 

For more information see the Summit website.

Megan Zimmerman is Business Development Manager for Clean Technology and Renewable Energy for Calgary Economic Development


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BY Megan Zimmerman

Director, Business Development

Trade, Business Development & Client Excellence


Megan joined the Communications team in 2007 and moved to business development for clean tech and renewable energy in 2014. She works to connect a diverse stakeholder group and promote innovation. She is a fellow with Energy Futures Lab accelerating a green economy in Alberta.

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