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I'm excited to share that we have just launched a new website for WORKshift Canada. It's an important milestone in what we believe is a big year for WORKshift.

Why the new website?

Since 2009, WORKshift has been working to change the way Canadians work by encouraging the adoption of flexible work.

We partnered with cities across the country to help them educate the businesses in their communities about the benefits of flexible work, not just for companies and their employees, but for the community at large.

We found partners who believe in what we’re doing and share our desire for Canada to lead world in adapting to the changing nature of work.

We brought these thought leaders and cities together with employers and researchers to build a collaborative ecosystem to share knowledge and best practices.

You know what? It’s worked.

Sure, maybe we can’t take all the credit, but the conversation has changed.

This year marks an important inflection point for WORKshift. Highlighted by the recent release of the WORKshift Playbook we are responding to market need and shifting from a focus on advocacy toward facilitating adoption and implementation. Essentially, people are increasingly convinced that flexible work is a good thing, but they need help moving from concept to reality.

Even the Federal Government is looking at the benefits of flexible work. In the recently released 2016 Budget, the government promised to “explore ways to ensure that federally regulated employees are better able to manage the demands of paid work and their personal and family responsibilities outside of work.”

Our new(ish) mission

This is great news, but it also means that our role is evolving. This change is what lead us to update our website.

We built this new website with three goals in mind:

  1. Continue to spread awareness of the benefits of flexible work;
  2. Share, through our new blog and available resources, information for those organizations ready to transition to flexible work today; and
  3. Tell great stories about Canadian companies that are already reaping the rewards from their own workplace transformations (if you’re one and want to be featured, let us know).

We’re more convinced than ever about the benefits that flexible work offers Canadian employees and businesses.

Follow us as we help others realize their workplace transformations, and please reach out to us when you’re ready for your own. We hope you’ll become as passionate about the future of work in Canada as our team is.


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