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About WORKshift:

The nature of work has changed. More and more you don't need to go to work to be at work. What if you could work when, where and how you are most effective and efficient? As the way we work continues to change leaders are left scratching their heads: just HOW do we integrate WORKshifting into the way we do business?

CED Workshift

WORKshift is a not-for-profit dedicated workplace transformation.

WORKshift and its team of Founders and partners is dedicated to promoting and accelerating the adoption of flexible work programs that allow companies across Canada to finally accept and embrace our changed world.



WORKshift will partner with Canadian thought-leaders (including our Founders) to create the standards, tools, benchmarks and certification criteria to support a wholesale change in the move towards flexible work in Canada- and beyond. We will do for the workforce what LEED did for buildings.


WORKshift Certification will:

  • Define what it means to have a "flexible" workforce
  • Provide organizations with a roadmap to meaningful adoption that is consistent
  • Promote the adoption of WORKshift within organizations
  • Recognize leadership
  • Stimulate competition among employers
  • Influence policy makers
  • Raise awareness of the benefits associated with adopting WORKshift
  • Transform workplaces

Visit the WORKshift Canada website to learn more about WORKshift.

Need more information?

Robyn Bews

Director, Sales & Sector Development

Cell Phone: (403) 880-7132

Office Phone: (403) 221-7895



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