Calgary Economic Development is proud to assist companies looking to build international connections and business partnerships through our outgoing and incoming trade missions, as well as aftercare.

Outgoing Trade Missions

As a partner of government and industry groups Calgary Economic Development helps to identify important markets, create programming, and recruit companies to outbound missions. These missions are typically sector-specific and are coordinated by organizations such as the Government of Alberta. We engage companies as they prepare for the mission. Additionally, for missions where Calgary Economic Development is representing Calgary-based businesses, we will offer sessions so these companies can understand these markets and advise us on support we can provide to them on the ground in these international jurisdictions, from attracting investment to fostering trade opportunities.

Incoming Trade Missions

As a key host for incoming delegations, Calgary Economic Development provides programming for the delegations as well as for Calgary businesses looking to learn about those jurisdictions and build international connections. This programming is offered through public sessions, roundtables, B2B matching and key industry showcases or tours.

Calgary Economic Development currently has no incoming trade missions at this time. Please keep checking the website and Calgary Economic Development's Twitter feed for incoming trade mission announcements.



Providing aftercare is a critical component of all trade programming to ensure that the return on the investment is maximized. Due to the long nature of the sales cycle, Calgary Economic Development recognizes the importance of continued engagement and therefore engages in detailed aftercare activities, such as regular follow ups/touch points, providing up to date market research, connecting companies with appropriate government contacts/programs etc.

Need more information?

Katie Findlay

Manager, Trade Development

Office Phone: (403) 221-7885


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